Character: ICONIC - Shannon MelAuly


  ICONIC - Shannon MelAuly (Female)
Ops Style:
Classes: Burglar
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Loren Dean

Shannon is a fiery redheaded pech, her girlish freckles having accompanied her into adulthood. Perhaps a touch skinny due to her wandering lifestyle and uncertain mealtimes, she has a personality twice her size, and a mouth even bigger.

Shannon chalks up much of her life to what she calls "crazy fate". A Lirrish orphan, her lack of parents was just crazy fate. Getting into a local gang of toughs and ruffians in her home town--crazy fate. Ending up on board a Conant trading ship bound for parts unknown? Crazy fate.

She views herself as little more than a feather on the wind, and is content to see where her crazy fate takes her next. She's made the best of everything so far, and sees no reason why she can't make the best of anything.

Notable Quotes:
"No such thing as luck? That's ridiculous. There's nothing else but luck."

Notable Deeds:
Shannon is an Iconic character in the Wyrmstone campaign. Her notable deeds are for you to create.

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Design Commentary Posted on Sunday February 28 2010, @08:26AM
Please feel free to ask questions about this character--why is it built the way it is, what was I thinking, etc. :)
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