Character: ICONIC - Korekeda Hitazaki


  ICONIC - Korekeda Hitazaki (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Soldier
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Loren Dean

A regal-looking Sennyo, Korekeda wears the blue and white of the House of Silver Herons, and tries to fit those colors into anything he wears. He prefers the simple kimonos of his homeland, and is never without a weapon if he can help it.

Born to a lesser family within the House of Silver Herons, Korekeda knew from a young age that any fortune he came into would have to be earned at his own hand. As such, he dedicated his youth to the study of weapons and warfare, and now travels as a mercenary and treasure-hunter, seeking fortune and glory.

He has spent several years now wandering the worlds, and in so doing has left behind much of the stoic reserve of his people. Korekeda has a ready grin, makes faces at children to get them to laugh, and has a strong appreciation for ladies.

Notable Quotes:
"You did say something about 'payment', yes?"

Notable Deeds:
Korekeda is an Iconic character in the Wyrmstone campaign. His notable deeds are for you to create.

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Design Commentary Posted on Sunday February 28 2010, @08:27AM
Please feel free to ask questions about this character--why is it built the way it is, what was I thinking, etc. :)
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