Character: ICONIC - Pacer Djed


  ICONIC - Pacer Djed (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Scout
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Loren Dean

Pacer is a Shahani traveler, happily homeless, thoroughly road-worn, and quite self-sufficient. He sews his own clothing, cooks his own food, and makes many of his own tools. He is generally covered in a fine layer of road dust, and does not mind looking disheveled.

(Art Copyright Leonid Kozienko)

At 45 years old, Pacer has no memory of his people's ancestral homeland. He was raised in a Longroader sect, but left the group when he came of age, his natural independent streak making him unwilling to submit to the rule of the sect's Imam.

He attempted to make a living as a teamster, but was traveling alone when he was forced to seek shelter from a summer storm in an old ruined watchtower. One of his mules, nervous at the thunder, stamped wrong in the old building, and fell through a weak point in the floor. Using an assortment of gear, Pacer rigged a way down to his fallen animal. What he found astounded him.

The watchtower was built over an ancient tomb complex, with exquisite stonework easily many centuries old. Pacer found his fallen mule with little effort, but was entranced by the complex itself, and spent another day wandering as much of it as he could. He completed his errand, but was thoroughly bitten by the adventuring bug, and soon began his own wanderings.

He has one real goal in his life, and that is to see as much of as many of the worlds as he can before he is forced to leave them.

Notable Quotes:

Notable Deeds:
Pacer is an Iconic character in the Wyrmstone campaign. His notable deeds are for you to create.

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Design Commentary Posted on Sunday February 28 2010, @08:27AM
Please feel free to ask questions about this character--why is it built the way it is, what was I thinking, etc. :)
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