Character: Conall MelHannifer


  Conall MelHannifer (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Lancer
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Loren Dean

Conall is a tall and well-built Liirman, handsome in a rugged way. He wears the colors of the Sun Guard, though he adds a sash in his family tartan. He rides a Hearth Eagle mount named Armiger, and looks every inch the Sunray he is.

Conall was raised on tales of fabled heroes and great adventures, but as a second son in a minor cousin-branch of the MelHannifers, Conall knew any heroism or fortune would be won at his own hand. His dreams stayed that through most of his youth, and he was apprenticing as a huntsman when he met Sir Jermyah Thunderstaff, a Sun Guardsman on business in the region. Entranced by the regal Sunray, Conall practically begged to travel with Thunderstaff, and was taken along.

He learned much of the worlds and their peoples from Thunderstaff, and took vows as a Sunray himself as soon as he could. He takes his duties and office very seriously, and fights for freedom wherever there's trouble. While he can be serious, however, he is still a Liirman, and lives his life to the hilt. He loves a good game of cards or dice, enjoys beer (sometimes a little too much), and has a deep appreciation for ladies.

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