Character: Summer


  Summer (Female)
Ops Style:
Classes: Burglar, Scout
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Nihar Nilekani

A pech, but somewhat fey in appearance. Summer looks distinctly like a pixie: short, pointy ears and light body. Her clothes are usually a nondescript green and brown, and blend well into the surroundings, especially when in Nature. She has green eyes and brown hair that reaches to her neck. Sprouting from her back are two iridescent gauzy wings. The whole effect makes her look like a Faerie from a child's tale, but this Fae packs a mean sting.

Summer was touched by the fey long ago, and,unusually for a pech, she is more at home in natural surroundings then in civilization. She spend most of her childhood in the forest, and is perfectly at home sleeping in trees and providing for herself. As a result she can be shy around strangers and in cities. She is, however, fond of Rootwalkers, and considers Banyan a good friend and ally.

Notable Quotes:
"I am your worst nightmare. A fairy with a gun."

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