Character: ICONIC - Ghen of Many Tales


  ICONIC - Ghen of Many Tales (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Courtier
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Loren Dean

Small as rootwalkers go, Ghen's bark is a pearled white that he keeps meticulously clean. He grooms several vined plants that grow in his branches, and has woven several of these into an exceptionally odd whip. He has a mellifluous voice like a gentle breeze, and is a difficult creature to dislike.

Only a few decades old, Ghen has a horrible wanderlust that he cannot sate. He left the grove of his elders very early, and wanders freely. Personable enough to impress most any other being, he often gravitates into the halls of the powerful, telling stories and being good company.

In his heartwood, though, he remains committed to his people. He uses many of his contacts and connections to powerful people to quietly see to the help and protection of rootwalkers everywhere.

Notable Quotes:
"Let's not get too hasty. I'm sure there's an equitable solution to this."

Notable Deeds:
Ghen is an iconic character in the Wyrmstone campaign. His notable deeds are for you to create.

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Design Commentary Posted on Sunday February 28 2010, @08:27AM
Please feel free to ask questions about this character--why is it built the way it is, what was I thinking, etc. :)
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