Character: Forge


  Forge (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Keeper, Soldier
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: James Vincent

A tall, human-shaped UnBorn, made from some exceptionally hard material. "He" has had a human-like bearded face crafted on "his" head.

Greetings. I am Forge. I was originally constructed to be a self-sufficient warrior for my builders, and am skilled in the use of weapons of many kinds and include augmentation and repair among my skills. Do you like my face? Never seen one quite like it? Thank you. I made it myself. I find it makes people less uneasy to have one. Is that true?

I served my builders for quite some time, as best I can recall. Battles, skirmishes, after-action repairs and re-fits. I think it was during one of those that the Accident befell me. Whatever it was, I woke some time later, alone and wandering an unfamiliar forest. The first people I came across who did not run away and hide were a group of Pech. They seemed fascinated with me and I stayed with them for a while, repairing myself and lending them my services as a smith and craftsman. It was they who first called me "Forge", after the place I could most often be found if my help was needed. I left them after showing some of their own people the basics of smithing and ironwork and looked for clues as to who I was, where I had come from, and what I should do now if I could not find my builders. I travelled far, lending my weapons or my crafts as suited the situation. For a time I was a hand on the ship "Pioneer" but it didn't work out. Yes, they were the ones who turned pirate. Over time I have met some excellent people and hope I will be able to add your name to theirs. Do you have need of my skills?

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