Character: Sveyn Egilsson


  Sveyn Egilsson (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Captain
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: James Vincent

A well-built Giant, with a keen eye and wind-tossed sandy hair and a decently well-kept beard.

The sea! It calls to us, to our blood. It provides us with many of the necessities of life and is our road to the world. To be Galen is to strive with and against it all of your days. When I was your age, I first set sail in my cousin Kveldulf's ship, visiting the men of the isles and learning the ways of such men and the striking of bargains and the swapping of tales and good-humored blows over freely-flowing ale and mead. I learned much on these voyages, from the subtleties of kennings and tafl-play to brawls and battles and how to win at them. It is the man who brings luck, to whom the gods show favor, who we most prized when the war-ravens gathered, to pick the choicest warriors for the halls fo the gods. My cousins were mighty men all - Wendelyn, master of the bow and the ways of ambush; Hrothgar the Bold, ever eager to dash into the thick of the fight; Hrut the swift, a blade in each hand and a harvester of men; and Eirik the strong, a cunning skald and warrior of matchless strength and deceptive speed. I was honored to stand beside them in the shieldwall where a man finds his courage and his fate, and what I learned there may help us prevail in the storm that is like to break soon upon us. Stand fast!


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