Character: Sargon


  Sargon (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Mage
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: James Vincent

Sargaon appears as a finely proprtioned man, which you notice from further away than you'd expect. Upon getting closer, you see why - he is some 15' tall and must be one of the Giants of whom you have heard tales. His eyes are a twinkling sky blue and his blondish hair and neatly-trimmed beard appear to be pertually jostled by a mild breeze.

Not all of the Great Folk take to the sea for vigorous sport as do the Galen. Some, especially those with strong ties to the elements of the World seek other diversions and one of these is Sargon, a student of the ways of wind, wave, ice and storm. Like others of his kind, the fundamental components of nature speak to him and as he seeks to further understand them, they begin to bend to his will. Some may call him "titan" or "storm giant" but he does not find those accurate. Rather, he is an explorer in the deeps of reality, the moreso as his blood and bones echo the call of the elements and to be among them is to be home.

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