Character: ICONIC - Ali Sassan Mustafayed


  ICONIC - Ali Sassan Mustafayed (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Captain
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Loren Dean

Grizzled and grey, with a dark and fearsome presence, Ali strikes an imposing figure. In spite of his prickly demeanor, however, he has a no-nonsense charisma that makes him a natural commander.

Ali remembers the chaos of the Exodus, as he was a child of eight when he fled Shahan with his family, narrowly escaping the Chithrau-led slaughter. As a son within a Sassan-caste household, he was groomed from that point to lead soldiers in battle, and has trained his entire life to pursue the Grudge and help reclaim the homeland of his people. He travels the worlds as a mercenary captain-for-hire, sending every scrap of coin he can spare to the Emirs of Rah'niah to add to the invasion coffers.

He is a devout worshiper of Shahan, and observes his prayers and rituals faithfully.

Notable Quotes:
"Prepare for glory!"

Notable Deeds:
Ali is an iconic character in the Wyrmstone campaign. His notable deeds are for you to create.

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Design Commentary Posted on Sunday February 28 2010, @08:25AM
Please feel free to ask questions about this character--why is it built the way it is, what was I thinking, etc. :)
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