Character: Chrysogonos Aerodromos


  Chrysogonos Aerodromos (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Mage, Swashbuckler
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Gregory Ford

Chrysogonos is a striking figure, with red hair, green eyes, fair (almost golden) skin, and large bat-like wings. His fair appearance can turn from charming to menacing without warning.

Notable Quotes:
"Grandfather would not be pleased."

Notable Deeds:
Scared off three Dreadmarks with one threatening glance. (Accounts that record him taking cover behind party members during this incident are purely apocryphal.)

Scenario Play History: [+] Show

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Advancing Chrysogonos to Sixth Level Posted on Thursday December 23 2010, @11:13AM
Now that Chrysogonos qualifies for Level 6, I was going back over the character and feat options. I have at least two routes of advance and I need to choose a plan. Since I had originally planned on cranking out the Style feats, I was going back over those.

Item 1: I was looking over my origins, and for Striking, I had been ignoring:

QuoteEngaging Diversion: You may Distract up to 3 opponents at once. You roll only once for the action, while each opponent rolls to resist separately.

Since Distract drops an opponents initiative by 2d6 for that round only, I hadn't thought it useful. Then I noticed Fan Service in the Adventure Companion:

QuoteBenefit: You may use your Impress skill bonus when you Distract or Feint. You also gain a trick. Yowza! (Distract Trick): If your target is a standard character, he also becomes fixated on you for a number of rounds equal to your Appearance bonus.

Those of you who have adventured with Chrysogonos know how Impressive he is! Do I take this at level 6, and put off the Comely chain for another time?

At the table in Stillwater this month, we were discussing language training. In the favors listed in the rulebook, 2 reputation will buy 1 language for 1 adventure. With a Hero of the <foo> feat, that cost becomes 1, and the increased Legend (+2 Legend) covers that and more.

Do I go for the fun (Fan Service) or the functional (Hero of the People)?

Re: Advancing Chrysogonos to Sixth Level Posted on Friday December 24 2010, @07:37AM
Personally, I would go for Fan Service. It lets you do something you haven't been able to do. Hero of the People would just let you do what you do, better.

With Ase, I'm personally torn between Quick Draw or Aggro Basics.

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