Character: Ase Forrester


  Ase Forrester (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Priest, Sage
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Kyle Haines

A slim Veromani lad of twenty years, he is dressed in fine attire of rugged materials. His vest hides a few pockets, one of which contains a pipe and pouch of tabac. His light brown hair, which comes down nearly to his ears, blows easily in the breeze, or lays flat when none is present. His face usually sports a thoughtful smile which reaches his wise-looking, deep blue eyes.
The major item of note is Ase's vest, the Chance Jack, which he likely commissioned. It is an ornately quilted item, with the image of a spinning coin over his heart, that also appears to be quite comfortable, despite some reinforced ribbing. Ase claims it is appropriate attire for all environments.
Ready for the worst, he carries a metal shield and his Die Pitch, a rather odd sling.

Ase is a Cleric of Tristiva, and has been blessed by her. Ase can and does share those blessings, sometimes accompanied by a life lesson he has learned on his travels.

The Council of Arachaeli is the church through which Ase claims service, though they are not well received in his homeland.

Notable Quotes:
"Who needs a little skill when you have a lot of luck?"

Notable Deeds:
Claims to have stepped foot on Daigon.

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