Character: Sathaak


  Sathaak (Female)
Ops Style:
Classes: Soldier
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Peter Smiley

Sathaak is a small, lean Hothai of a jungle clutch line. She is quite notable due to a coral snake like patterning of her scales. Her agile fingers end in small well trimmed talons, and her scales are always clean. She believes in wearing wealth, enjoying colored gemstones and jewelry, although her taste is different than that of most human cultures. Sathaak wears a leather harness with several attachment points, and carries few visible weapons, a knife and a few javelins that she made herself. She does have a pack, which straps down tightly to the harness, and is rarely far from her, as she seems always on edge and ready to leave if the warm-bloods around her go crazy.

Born from the egg wearing scale marks of the lowest caste Sathaak was not destined for a life of accomplishment. She was taken by a powerful raja, who amused himself by attempting to train his slave to be an assassin for him. She was taught the skills of a Hunter and Warrior, something forbidden to one of her caste. Eventually, after her first Great Molting, her scale patterns began to reflect her training and could not be easily concealed. Anyone who saw her would know her origin and training, they would question and certainly not let down their guard. Cast aside quickly, so that her crime of knowledge would not taint the Raja, she fled into the jungle and stowed away on a High Ship populated by warm-bloods who had landed on the planet in that remote location. She did not need to eat much, and a Jungle Clutch can hide well, so she hid and fled the ship when they landed on the new world. While she has learned to speak the Guilder language, she is very slow to trust, and still does not understand much of the behavior of those around her. She survives by hiring out her skills as a mercenary, to those who wish a warrior who moves in silence. Sathaak often provides the "outsider" perspective on events and situations around her for the group, and allows added exploration of cultures as she asks questions about the actions of the warm bloods around her.

Notable Quotes:
That iss a very rude quesstion warm-blood, if you needed to know you, your eyes would tell you.
Warm-bloods are sstrange indeed Ssunscale, but they die easily enough if they are too rude.
You may call me the snake on this world that I resemble.

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