Character: Rejin Mizaki


  Rejin Mizaki (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Soldier
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Daniel Luckey

This old world swordsman is commonly seen in simple cloths that belie his true nature. The weapons he carries are the only indications that he is anything but a simple traveler out to see the world. His grey eye's and tan skin are commonly the first thing people notice when they see this smiling wanderer passing by. The stubble on his face and ragged head of hair often give the impression of the care free lifestyle that befitting a wandering soul like his. But the dark circles under his eyes tell a tale of sleepless nights and worry. Despite his poorly kept appearance he strives to keep clean and considers personal hygiene a vital part of his lifestyle. Rejin is known to be a loud and very outspoken person. He quickly dismisses his station when it comes to his opinion and will not hesitate to argue with individuals who out rank him. He is often seen in the company of one beautiful woman or another and is considered a lecher by most. He is always looking to help others and will go out of his way to make the lives of others better. But in his travels he has learned that caution is a must if he's going to survive to keep helping those less fortunate or irresistibly beautiful. (Is easily distracted in the presence beautiful women)

Growing up in poverty he has always had a desire to make his own way in life without relying on others. Treasure and adventure were commonly the excuses he used to justify his desire to leave the small impoverished home, but in reality he simply felt staying there only made him a burden to his family. Day-dreamer and slacker are the words he grew up hearing as peoples preferred label for him; however, he was always training in the solitude of the many small clearings that could be found in the forests surrounding his home.

Notable Quotes:
"Well hello beautiful. What's your name?"

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