Character: Kobayashi Haruto


  Kobayashi Haruto (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Sage
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Cameron Tracy

5'6" tall, ~145 lbs, lithe (if slightly frail) in build. Facial structure akin to that of a Tamarin ( for reference). White fur around the face, fading to black towards the back of the head. Black fur over the remainder of body. Small hands with somewhat longer fingers, long flexible tail. Eyes are colored between dark brown and amber. Usually dressed in a simple kimono (usually light grey or white) and a pair of hakama (usually red or black).

Haruto's mother was an orphan who served as a maid to the Kobayashi family, a relatively minor branch family of one of the major houses of the Jade Crown. His father is at present unknown, as he did not stick around; Haruto's mother claims that he was a sailor. During the first few years of Haruto's life he lived with his mother; when he was three years old there was a fire in the Kobayashi manor; by sacrificing her own life Haruto's mother was able to save that of one Kobayashi Katsuro, who in return adopted her son as his own rather than leave him to an orphanage. A short time later, Katsuro took a wife and sired a son, Seiichi. Both Seiichi and Haruto were given the best education that could be afforded to them, and both demonstrated an exceptional grasp of military tactics and the art of war. Subsequently the two of them were chosen as candidates for training as officers. Seiichi passed the entrance exam; Haruto failed it. Subsequently, he has been desperately searching for a means to redeem himself.

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