Character: Tink


  Tink (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Beastmaster, Lancer
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Michael Zanfardino

Tink is a Clockwork Unborn who travels with his trusty clockwork steed Tank, his faithful clockwork animal companion Thumper and his personal Lt., a flying clockwork USB drive Twoey.

Tink, Tank and Thumper were originally created to mine in deep underground tunnels that were full of poisonous gases. After the mine ran dry, Tink went back to the surface only to find that those who had set him on his task were either dead from the gases that had seeped up or had fled. Tink and group left this area and all set out to explore this whole new world outside of the mines.

During their exploration is when they came across Twoey who had been trapped under a large mixing bowl for years. Tink heard Twoey's distress calls due to sharing the same type of neural communicators that was installed in his head. Since his release, Twoey has become a welcome addition to the traveling ticking group.

Notable Quotes:
"Mind if I have that body please? I want to see what makes it tick."

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How awesome is Fantasy Craft? Posted on Thursday May 5 2011, @01:22PM
So awesome that this character concept is 100% supported mechanically by the rules as written. That's how awesome.
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