Character: Azure Nebula


  Azure Nebula (Female)
Ops Style:
Classes: Assassin
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Ernest Gover III

Hair: Black; Long.
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 120 lbs
Clothing: Dark blue top just wide enough to cover her breasts. Attached to it are straps that hold up sleeves on her arms, stretching down to her wrists. On each arm is a holster, holding a razor in place. Over the holsters, a soft clothe wraps around, leaving only a small piece of the handle exposed. Nothing covers her the area between her waist and breasts, she leaves that exposed to stay nice a cool in warm weather. From her waist down, she is only protected by a thin pair of pants. Light clothes make it easier for her to move, especially when she has to carry everything she owns on her back. Always ready to avoid the guards when things get messy.

Born in the Celestial Empire, Azure never agreed with their treatment of humans or the destruction they inflicted on the Nar. Seeing the death and despair inflicted upon others made her sick of her race and caused her to flee to Ra'niah, where she found life to be tough and the only way to survive was through instinct. Her knowledge of medicine and anatomy made her a decent doctor, but it was her hunting instinct that made her an excellent killer. Poisons and trust were her specialty. Anyone could kill, but it takes a real assassin to get in close and kill them as they present their vital organs to the blade. She now travels from port to port looking for people that reminded her of those that mistreated the Humans and the Nar. As a doctor, she gets in close and gets her kill, but not for free. After all, a girl's got to get paid.

Notable Quotes:
"The police would miss me."
"Hey! Who needs a doctor?"

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