Character: Shahrivar


  Shahrivar (Male)
Ops Style:
Classes: Soldier
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Erin Benson

Shahrivar is a celestial guardian lion crafted from precise metallic clockwork - an special construction Unborn for the clockwork variety. Meant to be a watcher and a defender, Shahrivar understands little about humanoid interaction and understand even less about such human concepts of mercy or fear. The world is a set of logical decisions, limited only by one's abilities and resources.

It was a gift returned, an insult of the highest degree; the recipient had insisted, upon questioning, that there was no point in owning something so beautiful if its voice was at odds with its appearance.

So the Shanani clockwork smith has responded to the insult in kind - by throwing his creation to the scrap heap, where pointless things belonged.

Shahrivar was crafted by Shanani smiths, specializing in elaborate, precise clockwork, as a gift for those appreciatory of such things in the Celestial Empire. Fashioned in the guise of a celestial guardian lion and designed to protect the precious treasures of the Empire from whatever enemies there might be, the smiths worked diligently to create the most effective, efficient, and elegant entity possible.

But however beautiful the outside may be, there are aspects of beauty that cannot be replicated with cogs and springs and shining metal. Shahrivar was returned, the gift refused. The Celestial Emperor complained of Shahrivar's metallic, harsh voice - it grated on his ears, disturbed the tranquility of the court; the awkward voice was much at odds with the graceful exterior. And the smiths, incensed by this rejection of their work, blamed not their craftmanship or their inability to create an appropriate voice, but rather blamed Shahrivar - a disappointment, a failure, worthless.

And worthless things belong in the scrap heap. Time passed. Knowing no other life, Shahrivar guarded the scrap heap. Helping smith find materials. Removed obstacles in their paths. Herded the other rejected creations away from the harsh lights and harsher words. This life continued uninterupted, until the Chithrau invaded.

Shahrivar was dragged from the scrap heap to be a defender of the Shanani during the Chithrau invasion and subsequent uprising of the orcish slave population, and then again abandoned during the mass exodus from Shanan. Shahrivar now wanders Ra'niah, searching for the true meaning of its last orders - "Do what is necessary. And stay out of trouble."

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