Character: SilverVeil


  SilverVeil (Female)
Ops Style:
Classes: Mage
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Sabelle

SilverVeil has long, silver hair, very large pale violet eyes and mostly elven features. She has dusky gray skin and a petite body.

Born on Liunonda to the daughter of a highly placed Scion Noble and her Nar lover, SilverVeil was spirited away moments after her birth. The shameful scandal was kept from public awareness and her mother was quickly married off to another noble neighbor. SilverVeil’s father was persued but managed to flee from Liunonda and his current whereabouts are unknown. SilverVeil was given to an Abhainn tribe that lived on the fringe of Elven society. And so she grew up, forced to disguise her parentage, and was treated as an outsider. However, her birth mother held lingering feelings for her and made attempts to locate SilverVeil. When her Scion family got wind of this, SilverVeil was once again stolen from her home. This time, at the tender age of 12, she was left on one of the many islands of the Web to fend for herself.

While trying to survive with varying degrees of success, SilverVeil was found by a Rootwalker named Willowander. It was this Rootwalker who gave SilverVeil her name, for the long silver hair that she usually left unbound to hide her face like a veil. Willowander was a rare one among her people, a book-lover and mage. She kept a large (by Rootwalker standards) library of collected books; each one lovingly cared for with the help of her fox fey companion, Guren. A small, shape-changing Fairie, even older than Willowander, Guren quickly became attached to the young SilverVeil and adopted her as his ward.

Enter the training/heartwarming montage as SilverVeil grows up.
Eventually SilverVeil decided that she wanted to see more of the world/universe and when a high-sailing trade ship came to her home, she was on-board. Guren decided that she would get into too much trouble without him and decided to tag along.


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