Welcome to the Wyrmstone Apochrypha!

This is an index of all things in the Wyrmstone RPG Setting. It is through the Apochrypha that the true open-source nature of Wyrmstone is realized, as anybody is allowed to submit, adjust, tweak, twiddle or otherwise contribute to this body of material. Through the Apochrypha Wyrmstone is a living breathing setting forged by the input of the players world wide!

Because of this nature, the Apochrypha is setup in a bit of an Encyclopaedic structure, organized by indexes of common types of information.

Worldbook - Gazetteer

Mechanics - Game Rules for Wyrmstone

Rogues Gallery - Wyrmstone NPCs (Rogues Gallery and Bestiary)

Indexes - Listing of all indexes used in the Apochrypha

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