With the eldritch power of Wyrmstone, ships highsail in the clouds, creating gates to travel between worlds in this fantasy epic of heroism, intrigue and rollicking adventure.

Shadowy jungles reclaim the crumbling remains of the savage Hothai empire in Issara. The endless archipelagos of Ra'niah spawn the best sailors alive, led by the Guild-States, exemplars of art, science, and culture. The seat of Dwarven power is empty in Shahan, its previous occupants scattered to the wind by the enigmatic and horrifying Chithrau. Within the mighty Celestial Empire of Liunonda the elegant Elven songs of Honor and intrigue continue their deadly harmony, while the shattered remnants of the Nar drift in a desolate web, the casualty of a millennia-old war. Dragon Warlords rule the blasted wastelands of Daigon watched over by the rheumy gaze of the moon Eone, a place of destiny and wealth for Adventurers, for it is here that the Great Wyrms travel to die.

Every hero needs a world to save.

Now there are six.

Wyrmstone, originally created for gaming, has since grown to become a setting for a series of Fantasy books, authored by Ansel. This site is being retooled to become a reference for those books, to help organize notes and thoughts. Past players are welcome to continue to use the setting information or other play information provided here, following the copyright terms.


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