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Across the worlds live the peoples of many civilizations. Notable among these are the Celestial Empire of elves with its home world of Liunonda shadowed by the exiled Jade Crown on Ra'niah. The renaissance Guild states on Ra'niah feature a mix of all races. The Dwarves and Gnomes live in exile from their home, Shahan, which is occupied by the horrifying Chithrau invaders who appeared from nowhere over fifty years in the past. The deserts and ruins of Daigon are watched over by Dragon Warlords, and the collapsing Hothai civilization of repitiliads simmers in the jungles of Issara.

There are a wide variety of Races and Cultures across the worlds. However, the most notable and prolific are shown below.

PC Races: Races are classified as either Open, Rare, Limited or Restricted. Open Races may be selected at any time as a Player Character Race. Rare and Limited Races may be selected as a PC Race after the player has earned a Rare or Limited Race Certificate.

Name PC Race Home World Species Summary
Centaur Restricted Daigon Centaur Horsefolk of the Daigoni wastes, eking out a meager existence outside the control of the Dragons.
Chimai Open Issara Chimai Stout furry bipeds with prehensile tails, from the Jungles of Issara. These people make great sailors.
Chithrau Restricted Unknown Chithrau Fearsome invaders from the darkest nightmares
Dragons Restricted Daigon Dragon Considered both a Blight and Savior, these enigmatic creatures play a curious role
Drake Limited Drake Drakes are related to the mighty Dragon, but more diminutive in size.
Elves Open Liunonda Elf The longest known empire of the Celestial Throne comes from this ancient race
Falo Open Ra'niah Falo Small, muscular and darkly complected primitive race favoring shamanistic magics
Galen Rare Ra'niah Giant Natives of the Ra'niahn north
Goblin Rare Hollow Worlds Goblin Along with the Nar, the Goblins originated from the worlds of the Hollow
Hothai Rare Issara Saurian Repitiliads from the jungles of Issara
Humans Open Human One of the more prolific races, the Humans have spread across all planets, but may only call Daigon home.
Lhao Open Ra'niah Elf Blooded Human Half-breed descendants of the Celestials
Nar Open Nar One of the only remaining creations of the Hollow
Ogre Limited Liunonda Ogre Hulking outcasts living on the fringes of civilization
Orcs Rare Shahan Orc Savage hulking counterparts to the Dwarves, the Orcs are also outcast from Shahan
Pech Open Daigon Pech Diminutive race of people whose culture is completely intertwined with the humans.
Root Walkers Limited The Web Root Walker The earliest of Mother Sun's creations, now homeless and scattered
Sauhagin Restricted Ra'niah Sauhagin The "sea-demons" of Ra'niah, eternal enemies of the Tritons.
Shahani Open Shahan Dwarf Stout outcasts, these devout warriors promise vengeance and the retaking of their homeland
Triton Restricted Ra'niah Triton The "sea-folk" of Ra'niah, eternal enemies of the Sauhagin
Unborn Rare Shahan Unborn Mechanical constructs of steam and clockwork, historically in servitude to the Dwarves

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