Power-Groups Apocrypha


Name World Region Government Capital Enemies
Bravari Ra'niah
Caldawader Moors Ra'niah Rytacht Autonomous Society Caldawader Castle (abandoned)
Conant Ra'niah Conant Feudal Monarchy Anbury Vevonne, Luskani Dominion, Liir, Aboleth Dominions
Domhaill Ra'niah Anaan Feudal Aristocracy Felndral House of Distant Mountains, Sigrunn Hall
Drachm Daigon Feudal Council
Drakensturm Ra'niah Rytacht
Gondunura Ra'niah Rytacht
Liir Ra'niah Liir Chiefdom Varies by province, although Kelswick is well known Veromani, Vevonne, Telma, Sallariz, Court of the Jade Crown
Lonborrain Ra'niah Aboleth Dominions Autocracy Lonborrain All outsiders
Luskani Ra'niah Military Junta
Ma'yet Daigon Exarchy Deities of Daigon as well as their priests and clerical class
Mercanary Emirates Ra'niah Isle(name?) Chiefdom
Radcolm Ra'niah Rytacht
Rytacht Ra'niah Confederation
Sallariz Ra'niah Sallariz Feudal Aristocracy The King rules from Valsalida, the Ecclesiarch from Fuenteguada, and the Duke from Aja Falo, Aboleth Dominions
Sallariz Pirates Ra'niah Sallariz
The Aspen Throne Liunonda Confederation
The Celestial Empire Liunonda Absolute Monarchy
The Dwarven Longroad Imams Shahan Exarchy
The Jade Crown Ra'niah Elective Monarchy Liaul Vevonne, Luskani Dominion, Hamminsford Isles, Sallariz Pirates
The Sun Guard Beacon Reach The Hearth
The Telman Regency Ra'niah Telma
Veromani Ra'niah Veromani Plutarchy Cosena Vevonne, Luskani Dominion
Vevonne Ra'niah Vevonne Absolute Monarchy Corlis Luskani Dominion
Volzbur Ra'niah Rytacht
Zdamos Ra'niah Veromani Autocracy Sebaia
Zemuk Ra'niah

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