Locations Apocrypha: The Great Library of Panea



Name: The Great Library of Panea
World: Ra'niah
Region: Telma
Power Groups: The Telman Regency
Found in the city of Panea, the Great and Holy Library is a collection of the greatest knowledge and relics of the world. Although often referred to as The Bibliotheca, its collection is more than just books. The Library houses a collection of books and artifacts from across all of the worlds.

The library campus occupies more than three square miles of buildings, many of which are more than five stories in size (and use magical elevators to move large quantities of antiquities from one level to the next). Additionally, catacombs have been dug beneath the campus for defense and protection of the most prized documents. All is controlled by the High Telman church.

Hundreds of Telman scholars make the Library their permanent residence while thousands of scholars of other nations visit the site each year. The common language spoken and written is High Telman, although dozens of other tongues are in evidence.

Although the high Telman church does allow (and even encourage) visitors to the Library, much of the information stored there is restricted to official Telman scholars and the repositories that are available to the common body are poorly cataloged and improperly shelved. Detractors speculate that this is intentionally done so that the knowlege contained in the library is kept solely for the use of the Church.

There is an order of scholars who are warders of the library. These are known as the Argus Bibliotheca in high Telman, or more conventionally as the Librarians.


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