Power-Groups Apocrypha: Luskani


Name: Luskani
Proper Name: The Luskani Dominion
World: Ra'niah
Sovereign: yes
Government: Military Junta
Notable NPCs: Empress Xathis of the Anhault Dynasty
Coinage: Reall
Population: 60% Human, 15% Orc, 12% Pech, 3% Goblin, 10% Other
Languages: High Telmani and common Telman
Religions: Luskani revere all of the Telman gods, but do not recognize an organized church of the Telman gods (infact they look down upon this). On some levels, loyalty to the Luskani state is the dogma behind most of the people
Law: Luskani is run with strict rules and a strong state loyalty. There is a Legion of the military reporting directly to the emperor, these are known as the Legium Policie, they have a raven as a mascot and are tasked with maintaining civil obedience, hunting those who are disloyal to Luskani as well as hunting Harrowed artifacts.
The Luskani Dominion, once a Telman founding state, is now ruled by Emperor Xathis, the latest of the Anhault dynasty.

The Luskani are a strict military and fiercly loyal people who believe in law above all things. They believe the Telman Empire was forsaken by the gods, and that they are the rightful heirs of the Telman state. While they have remained fairly quiet in the previous centuries, Emperor Xathis has been growing the Legions with an influx of exiled Orcs and they have been making expansionist fronts into both Vevonne and the Jade Crown.


Luskani have always maintained a strong military tradition. It is a requirement for all men to spend a minimum of one year of service with the Military when they come of age.

The military is divided into Legions, where each Legion is tasked with different actions. Ultimately all legions report to the Emperor, but in all but Legion IV report through a chain of command.

The active legions:

Legion I (Kingfisher)Seas and Coastal warfareTorqua
Legion II (Serpent)Northern Marchlands 
Legion III (Lion)  
Legion IV (Raven)Policie (Civil Obedience)Capital(tbd)
Legion VII (Bloodhound)Eastern FrontAnali
Legion IX (Eagle)  

Chain of Command

Emperor All military units ultimately are responsible to the crown
Militant CommanderHead of all Military units, Adviser to the King
Grand Consultemporary rank assigned in times of emergency
ConsulField Marshals, commanding multiple Legions
ProconsulRank assigned to military governors of occupied territories or areas under martial law.
General (Legatus) Imperator of a Legion
PraetorPraetor Magnus for Imperator of a Division
CenturioImperator of a Company
There are numerous other side ranks, such as vexillifer (flag bearer), as well as gilded staffs and embroidered flags representing ranks.

Legion Structure

The Legions are generally structured into Divisions and Companies. Each legion is composed of six to fourteen Divisions. Each Division is composed of ten Companies (of 60 to 100 Legionnaires). The first Division of each Legion is considered a command and services Legion. The First Company of the First Legion is always the commanding Company for the Legion, and includes the most ranking officers. Other companies of the First Division are specialized by task, including special forces and construction. Division also has a Company known as Centuria Arcanus, which is composed of Arcane and Divine casters as Magisters and Chaplains.

Builder Notes

Mortuus Vivens

The Mortuus Vivens are a special and secret form of undead used as a servant class. The art of creating an Mortuus Vivens is a greatly guarded secret of the Emporers through the Anhault Dynasty, and is said to predate even Telma itself. The Mortuus Vivens are created in special houses in the major cities, where only the most sworn and secret acolytes are even allowed into the ceremony rooms.

Within Luskani, Mortuus Vivens are considered an acceptable form of servitude. They are not referred to as undead, but are instead referred to as the "animated deceased," and having an Mortuus Vivens servant is considered to be a requisite of higher society and social status. Mortuus Vivens do cost more than a simple slave (which is also acceptable in Luskani), however they are more obedient and can last indefinitely.

Many slaves are converted to Mortuus Vivens, if they die at an early age are are still whole at the time of their death. The option even exists for a debtor to become an Mortuus Vivens and all of his debt is relinquished, with approval from the local Praetor.

Notes about the Mortuus Vivens:

  • They do not decay, their bodies are maintained in a state of suspension from the point they were created. They can get mouldy if not kept clean, but they do not decay for not being alive.
  • They maintain the same physical stats as when they were converted to an undead, they posses no super-strength or other physical abilities.
  • Their mental capacities is greatly diminished, their ability to comprehend commands is limited to two to three sentence statements, and their responses are mono-syllabic.
  • They are bound to an owner, when that owner dies, the Mortuus Vivens reverts to the condition it would have been had it been buried (usually a withered husk of itself). Their owner can be migrated prior to his death, however.
  • They cannot complete a command which would cause harm to their bound owner.

So this means there are two types of Mortuus Vivens, the conventional type (described above), and then the Emperor has an Mortuus Vivens Magnus which is the Dynasty's secret (nobody but his family knows how to create them).

The Mortuus Vivens Magnus is the same as an Mortuus Vivens, plus:

  1. They retain all their original mental capacities as well.
  2. They have a variety of special "bolstered" powers which come about during their creation. These powers will vary by Mortuus Vivens Magnus.
  3. They are bound to NOT reveal they are an Mortuus Vivens, thus protecting their identity.

The Luskani have a prohibition on exporting Mortuus Vivens outside of their dominion. It is possible to bump into one outside, but it is probably smuggled or associated with a Luskani. And the Luskani police will hunt down illegally exported Mortuus Vivens and have them destroyed.

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