Power-Groups Apocrypha: Caldawader Moors



Name: Caldawader Moors
Proper Name: The Duchy of Caldawader Moors
World: Ra'niah
Region: Rytacht
Sovereign: yes
Government: Autonomous Society
Notable NPCs: None
Capital: Caldawader Castle (abandoned)
Population: no nobility, 1300 freeholders, 300 slaves
Law: Personal trust agreements
Allies: None


The Duchy of Caldawader Moors is located in the south of the continent of Rytacht on the south end of the Baloriyl Forest. It follows the river Clanis from the Tri-Forks Ford to the edge of the Baloriyl Forest, approximately 400 miles in length. The width of the Duchy is defined as 100 miles on either side of the river.

The central feature of the Duchy is the cold-water fens. Most of the length of the river is swampland, although there are some areas of good farmland adjoining the river. Immediately beyond the fens, on both sides of the river, are rolling hills, covered in rich soil.


The weather can be typically described as "overcast, with a scent of rain in the air." There is a significant level of rainfall every year, which occurs on a regular basis. There is a light rain expected three or four times per week, with heavy rain occurring for an hour or so during one of those events.


Most of those who live in the boundaries of the Duchy are freemen who work the farms of the duke. The second most populous group is fishermen who live in the fens. The people are poor and have little time for activities other than work. Their lives are short and relatively brutal. Death typically occurs from injuries suffered while working or from the ever-present bandits and evil creatures that live in the swamps and Baloriyl Forest.


The Duchy of Caldawader Moors is relatively recent as a separate regional entity; only seven Dukes have lived in its castle. The most recent duke was Duke Risted Tiernan Caldawader, who was killed by brigands more than a dozen years ago. Since then, the castle has been abandoned and taken over by bandits. The common people of Caldawader Moors have taken little notice of the going-ons in the castle. The end result for them was a lowering of taxes, and a lessening of the demands placed on them. Their lives are not good, but they are somewhat better under no Lord than under the Caldawader Dukes.


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