Power-Groups Apocrypha: Mercanary Emirates



Name: Mercanary Emirates
Proper Name: Mercanary Emirates
World: Ra'niah
Region: Isle(name?)
Sovereign: yes
Government: Chiefdom
Notable NPCs:
During the late stages of the Chithrau invasion on Shahan, several Highflight fleets were assembled with the express purpose of saving and preserving the Shahani civilization.

Once of the largest and well equipped fleets made landing on a desolate and barren island in the southern latitudes of Atrea. Uncontested by the native population, the dwarves' only enemy was the environment.

Fortunately they were not lacking in supplies. Their fleet had preserved seed stocks, complete libraries of knowledge, magics, and even limited capacity for heavy industry. Some Atrean nations donated food and equipment, but the dwarves remained isolationist as they vowed The Grudge against the Chithrau.

Two of their ships were cannibalized to provide shelter during the initial stages of landing. Construction immediately began on subterranean dwellings, capped by the upturned hulls of the ships, and they continue to the present day. Visitors will see that the first few levels still retain the recycled wood being used as crude insulation and flooring.

Fifty years later, the dwarves have tunneled extensive complexes below the frozen surface where the temperature is stable and warm. Underground farms, assisted by magic, have started producing Shahani crops. The ocean still provides a sizable portion of their diet, however.

The primary trade of the Mercenary Emirates involves warfare. Dwarven Harvesters are expensive to hire, as they take the best of the Wyrmstone bounty, but their success rates are second to none. Dwarven regulars are highly valued as shock troops. In addition, the Emirates are the de facto archive of Chithrau intelligence.

Above all, the Shahani's existence on Atrea is to pursue The Grudge. Although the Emirates have splintered in terms of approach, their overarching goal has not changed.

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Proper Name: The Shahani Emirates

Rulers: The Four Emirs, Behrouz, Farjad, Sanjar, and Zamyad.

Capital: Maharrha

Major Towns: Zemala, Sahafaya

Provinces: None

Resources: Mercenary Soldiers, Weapons.

Coinage: 1 gold Sunpiece = 10 silver Chalice = 100 copper Dram.

Population: Transient and variable

Languages: Shahani, Common

Religions: Shahani

Law: The Mercenary Emirs rule more or less as equals, passing laws for their people under a unified seal from their combined ruling house in Maharra.

Allies: None--the Shahani will work with nearly anyone who meets their price.

Enemies: Aboleth Dominions. The Aboleth and Sahuagin treated the arrival of additional landwalkers on Ra'niah with unbridled fury, and regularly probe the coasts of the Emirates' domain, seeking to drive them back from whence they came. Travel to and from the Mercenary Emirates is best done by highsailing, as ocean travel in the area is extremely dangerous.

After the exodus of the Dwarves from Shahan, three expatraite Shahani emirs led their clans in colonizing this barren and little used island. One clan built a settlement on the island itself, but two more chose to instead tunnel beneath it, creating (and sharing) a large underground city, work on which has never ceased.

Ten years later, a fourth emir brought his people to the island as well, their colony on Liunonda having fallen to Hobgoblin invasion.






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