Power-Groups Apocrypha: Veromani



Name: Veromani
Proper Name: Veromani
World: Ra'niah
Region: Veromani
Sovereign: yes
Government: Plutarchy
Notable NPCs: The Doge of Veromani, Griseldo Herizzi
Resources: Foodstuffs (notably olives and fish), Arts and Entertainment, Scholarship
Capital: Cosena
Coinage: 1 gold Reale = 8 silver Noma = 100 copper Common
Population: Human 86%, Triton 6%, Dwarf 5%, Half-Elf 2%, Elf 1%
Languages: Common, Old Veromani, Triton
Religions: High Telman Church
Law: Laws vary from one specific province to the next, as local rulers have broad powers independent of the doge. Things pronounced sinful and evil by the High Telman Church are all technically illegal, though in practice not every law created in this vein is enforced.
Allies: Conant, Sallariz, Telma
Enemies: Vevonne, Luskani Dominion

Sun-drenched Veromani was long the jewel of the Telman Empire. Its position as favored province meant that many lictors from Telma itself kept second, and sometimes third, households within its borders, away from the bustle of the Imperial seat. Unwilling to surrender any of the "civilized" comforts they were accustomed to, these lictors brought with them scholars, artisans, powerful mages, and builders. In several places, particularly avant-garde Telman designers used entire towns as architectural playgrounds, building cities of dazzling genius.


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Gentlemen of Veromani are taught a philosophy called Sprezzatura. Sprezzatura holds that whatever a gentleman does must be presented as effortless (even if extremely taxing), and he must always gently decline praise for his works, no matter how important. When a Veromani gentleman does something impressive and is complimented for it, he will likely shrug and say simply "Sprezzatura", by which he means "it is nothing".

Power Groups

Veromani is ruled by a doge, who is selected from among a large body of electors via a staggeringly complicated process of blind lots and quasi-democratic voting. Specifically, when a new doge must be selected, due to illness, age, political pressure, or death, a large body of Electors gathers in the Veromani capitol, the great city of Cosena. Electors are chosen by election from among the landowners of the various Veromani provinces. From among these Electors, thirty, chosen by lot, are further reduced by lot to nine; the nine choose forty and the forty are reduced by lot to twelve, who choose twenty-five. The twenty-five are reduced by lot to nine and the nine elect (by secret balloting) forty-five. Then the forty-five are once more reduced by lot to eleven, and the eleven finally choose the forty-one who actually elect the doge.

This process is meant to eliminate corruption within the government, but in practice has only made it more widespread. Beneath the doge is a dizzying labyrinth of functionaries, secretaries, seneschals, and servants, who administer Veromani's daily needs.


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The westernmost province.


A mountainous province running along the southwestern coast.


A powerful principality occupying nearly the entire southeastern coast.


The province on the eastern tip of Veromani.


Contains the most northerly point in Veromani.


Directly opposite Arbata.


The province centered from Esquilina.


Directly opposite Veramura, Asiliari contains the canal-city of Mernaxi.


The Veromani heartland, where much of the nation's grain is grown.


A floating island just east of Kalypalaya ruled by the dragon merchant prince Sebastes.


An island province off the northwestern coast of mainland Veromani


A verdant isle off the eastern coast.



Sister province to Scipria.


Southern tip of Veromani.


Major Towns: Esquilina, Mernaxi, Cosena (Capital), Panazio, Tericano.

As a result of its past place in the Empire, modern Veromani boasts some of the most impressive architecture and decoration on Ra'niah. Every major city has something about which to boast, be it a university, a cathedral, an opera house, an entire neighborhood, a palazzo, an observatory, or even just a wondrous fountain. The city of Mernaxi has no major streets--the main thoroughfares were flooded by an ambitious engineer, and the people of Mernaxi pole themselves from building to building (built on gigantic magical floats) on stubby barges and slender gondolas.

Builders note: Atrasso is a split city--in reality two cities with the same name, in different provinces on each side of the river.


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