Power-Groups Apocrypha: Vevonne



Name: Vevonne
Proper Name: The Empire of Vevonne
World: Ra'niah
Region: Vevonne
Sovereign: yes
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Notable NPCs: Her Exalted Majesty, Empress of Vevonne and her Domains, Mistress of the High Palace of Corlis, Rose Duchess of Coureaux, Lady of the Tritons and Protector of Bonau, Sun Queen Roquelle of the house of Provenchasomme
Resources: Fine Foodstuffs (notably pastry and candies), Arts and Entertainment, Wine, Scholarship
Capital: Corlis
Coinage: 1 platinum Empereur = 10 gold Reale = 80 silver Gran
Population: Human 90%, Triton 7%, Dwarf 3%
Languages: Common, Triton
Religions: Council of Arachaeili
Law: While provincial rulers have a small degree of latitude within their own domains, principal law comes from the Imperial seat. The provincial rulers have the most control over Vevonne law when they lobby the Imperial seat for laws they wish to see passed or rescinded.
Allies: Tritons of Bonau, Court of the Jade Crown (tenuous)
Enemies: Luskani Dominion

Throughout the heyday of the Telman Empire, Vevonne competed directly against Veromani for the unofficial title of most favored province, an unspoken title that carried with it both additional freedoms for the province in question, as well as financial attention from the lictorii. Many lictors established second or third households in Vevonne, especially along the southern edges of both Vevonne's peninsulas, a region which to this day produces some of the best wine grapes in all the worlds. Those lictors brought with them their Telman niceties, including artists and scholars.

It has in fact been argued that this competition (along with this export of specialized talent from Telma itself) may have been a major factor in the eventual splintering of the Empire. The rivalry grew fiercer and fiercer, with various lictors taking one side or the other due to provincial loyalty, arranged marriages, or outright bribes. This blatant favoritism eventually led to the overtaxation of other provinces to fund public works and other civilizing improvements to both Vevonne and Veromani, which in turn led to revolt in the other provinces, stripping the Empire of its economic power, and leading to declarations of sovereignty from all its former holdings.

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Since the decline of Telma, Vevonne has sought to portray itself as the seat of culture, learning, art, and sophisitication among the Guild-states. The nation continues to compete directly with Veromani for distinction in this regard. Every city of Vevonne has some sort of claim to fame, be it the massive cathedral at Troyoul, the widely respected Universite Corlisienne, the architecturally amazing lighthouse of Beaumiens, or even the quarter-acre Grande Fountain located outside in the main square of Montpinal. Everything in Vevonne is considered somehow better than everything anywhere else, and this mindset extends throughout all of Vevonne's social strata. The Vevonne accent has been purposefully exagerrated for so long it has become normal, and other people who cannot follow Vevonne conversation are considered undereducated.

Perhaps the principal watchword of Vevonne philosophy is Artifice. The philosophy of artifice holds that the true measure of intelligence lies in a being's ability to take ingredients provided by the natural world, and use them to create something entirely different. This finds its most useless application in seasoning food, seeking to make one food taste like some other food entirely, with mixed results. Perhaps the most obvious application of artifice, however, lies in Vevonne gunpowder, which is more powerful and refined than that created anywhere else. As gunpowder is a compound of several mundane substances that when combined properly create something incredibly destructive, the Vevonne consider their studies of it proof positive that they are in fact the leading lights of education and sophistication in all the worlds.

Power Groups

Vevonne is ruled from the Imperial Seat, generally occupied by a king, who is served directly by a half-dozen grand dukes and four dukes (the domains of whom are not as large or expansive, and thus not deserving of the added "grand"), who are in turn followed by innumerable barons, marquis, baronets, marquesses, lord mayors, and so forth. The court of Vevonne defines the term opulent, and always occupies the very pinnacle of culture and fashion (though taste is for the observer to determine).

Interestingly in the political vista of the world, Vevonne is currently ruled by a queen, Roquelle de Provenchasomme. She is the first queen in Vevonne's history, and in fact the first female ruler of any Guild-State, having ascended to the throne more by accident than by political acumen. Her father, King Etienne VI, died suddenly and suspiciously in TY 108 in what is widely believed to have been a Luskani-backed assassination. A healthy and jovial bon vivant, Etienne had made no decrees regarding his succession, and the expected heir, Grand Prince Quillaume, died in the same incident that claimed his father.

Roquelle was Etienne's only other child, and while no-one had ever expected her to take power, she was thrust onto the throne by a coalition of royal advisors and churchmen who feared the influence of Roquelle's uncle (Etienne's half-brother), Gaspard, Grand Duke of Duclere. A beautiful 19-year-old woman, Roquelle clearly wants to be a good ruler and prove herself worthy of her father's office, but she faces two main problems in this regard.

First, her youth and general lack of preparation for her office make her a target for the "affections" of every other potentate on Ra'niah, and some from elsewhere (the ambassador from Akhtis is especially persistent). While she has significant experience playing the affections of one man against another, she has never done so on this scale, or for these stakes. There's no telling how long she may be able to keep the offers of alliance and marriage at bay.

Worse, she is surrounded by a smothering layer of advisors, generals, regents, seneschals, and other functionaries. Some of these have remained in place in the absence of royal decree removing them, and others were placed by Roquelle in an attempt to manage the vast duties of the Imperial Seat. In practice, unfortunately, they cripple her ability to effectively rule. Her government is weak, and this is partly responsible for the unanswered Luskani invasion on Vevonne's eastern border. While the people love her, hailing her beauty as reflective of grand Vevonne, it remains to be seen if her rule will be successful, or how long it will take Vevonne to recover.


The people of Vevonne follow the Council of Arachaeli almost exclusively--part of their break with Telman traditions in the wake of the Empire's fall. Piety is considered a mark of good manners and breeding (a relatively easy thing to cultivate, as the Council's tenets ensure that anyone can find a deity they like and stick with it, or hop from one to the next as they see fit). This religious drive coupled with the nobility's penchant for one-upsmanship means that Vevonne's churches are some of the most gorgeous and moneyed in the world. Churchmen wield tremendous power among the common people and nobility alike; their pronouncements can leave deep impressions on Vevonne society. Indeed, Roquelle owes her throne in large part to Prelate Encompassing XVI of Corlis, who threw his support to her over her uncle the Grand Duke, bringing widespread support with him.



The island off the northern coast. This is disputed land with the Galen, and exists in a state of military readiness. Regularly fends off Galen incursions.


The easternmost point of Vevonne. Contains the major city of Beaumiens.


West of Valai, north of the mountains.


West of Valai, south of the mountains.


The central province, containing the grand city of Corlis.


The furthest northwestern province. Contains the major city of Ors.


South of Alenyenne, west of the mountains.


South of Angere, west of the mountains.


The southernmost province of mainland Vevonne. Contains the major city of Port Penmarelle.


South of Duclere, Portreaux is the island closest to Vevonne.

Point Selin

The "emptying boot" island south and west of Portreaux. It contains a major (and heavily fortified) supply base for Vevonne fleets.


Major Towns: Caulain, Chaterre, Aville, Troyoul, Montpinal

Vevonne place names (for those who want a name for a town or noble family or somesuch in Vevonne):


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