Power-Groups Apocrypha: Volzbur



Name: Volzbur
Proper Name: The Independent Nation of Volzbur
World: Ra'niah
Region: Rytacht
Sovereign: yes
Notable NPCs:
Volzbur is a lone city-state that lays claim to the small island off the southeastern shore of Rytacht. Fiercely nationalistic, they were the first to declare independence from the Telman Empire. But on a self-contained battlefield, where there was no room for tactical subtlety, the Rytachts earned their freedom in a bloody war of attrition against the Imperial Loyalists, down to the very shore of the sea.

The Volzbur never put in their bid to become the next ruler of Rytacht. The Volzbur Strait is a mere 100 miles across, but it denies easy occupation nor governance across. Their decision to form an independent nation was a foregone conclusion.

The government is comprised of a multi-party democracy. Major political organizations include the Independent Party, who advocate greater spending on defense and developing local infrastructure to make Volzbur a self-sufficient power. There are the Mercantiles, who advocate that strength comes through trade with the rest of Rytacht and the rest of the world. Finally, there is the Unification Party, who believe that the best chance for Volzbur to keep an independent voice is to ally itself with mainland elements.

Political assemblies are often boisterous, occasionally degenerating into fistfights on the open floor. This is a city-state that was born of blood, sweat, and sacrifice, and that tradition has not yet faded into the softness of history.

There is also a small but notable contingent of dwarves, refugees redux in a way, from the Isle of the Mercenary King. Although they have not renounced The Grudge, they realize that retaking Shahan will be a multi-generational task. Therefore, they prefer to rebuild their lives and the bedrock of their society, before concentrating on war. In so doing, they've been somewhat ostracized from mainstream dwarven society. These dwarves have integrated themselves into the Volzbur nation quite well, and have even begun participating in the political process. In fact, the fistfights on the assembly floor make them feel quite at home.


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