Regions Apocrypha: Aboleth Dominions



Name: Aboleth Dominions
World: Ra'niah
Power Groups: Lonborrain


Time is measured differently in an underwater society. Light from the surface rarely penetrates to the ocean floor. As such, sunrises and moonrises are almost impossible to track, which in turn means that calendars based on these events are meaningless. Rather, the Aboleth track their history, and indeed time itself, based on current cycles and tidal patterns, a method which is only vaguely understood by members of the landbound races.

The Aboleth history's lack of understandably defined dates makes it difficult to place it alongside the histories of the landbound races, though rough approximations are possible. Most scholars agree, however, that Aboleth history runs at least as far into the past as the history of Liunonda's Celestial Empire, and possibly farther back than that.

Aboleth history records its victories in their wars with the Tritons, but goes even further back to a time when Aboleth and their Sahuagin servants ruled Ra'niah in its entirety and even the surfaces were dominated by the fabled the fabled Elder Aboleth and their broods of land and sea servitors. Also in such records are mention of the ascension of humans on Ra'niah, and a declaration by dragons proclaiming dominion over the Jade Isles. Indeed, dedicated scholars who have studied Aboleth history regularly sing its praises as perhaps the most accurate history of Ra'niah ever kept.


Unfortunately, the Aboleth have sworn absolute enmity toward all landbound races. They regularly order assaults on the surface sealanes, as well as the deaths of any land-dweller caught in their vast undersea domains. As such, all existing knowledge and histories of the Aboleth Dominions have been acquired by daring (or foolhardy) adventurers. None who have approached the Aboleth for trade or peaceful negotiation have succeeded (and most have not survived).

Aboleth and their servitors are widely perceived by the landbound races as the great boogeymen of Ra'niah. Sailors speak of the ghosts of the drowned enslaved forever in disgusting servitude to Aboleth. Rumors persist of evil cultists working to summon the greater Aboleth as a sea/land creature that will devour all. Mothers scare their children with tales of infant-devouring Sahuagin. In defense of such stories, nothing has ever happened to disprove such allegations, and indeed anecdotal evidence strongly supports it.


Aboleth are worshipped as god-kings by the subject Sahuagin tribes. They tolerate the worship of no deities besides themselves. Aboleth are aligned to the Hollow.

Power Groups

There are several major undersea nations on Ra'niah, with those in the southern hemisphere ruled by Aboleth with several tribes of fanatically loyal (and some say magically enslaved) Sahuagin. Aboleth are deeply jealous of their own positions as rulers, and fight amongst themselves as often as they fight against the land-dwellers.

In the instance of Lonborrain, Nacanctui, and Maesahanis there only one, set up as a god-king and worshipped by fanatic Sahuagin servitors. Where Lycryv has a small brood of four Aboleth formed as a horrible ruling family. Legend tells of a city of Aboleth somewhere in the deepest, darkest portion of the Ra'nian seas, but such a place has never been found.


Undersea place names (names of southern undersea places in general) Guanapele, Ahinglos, Minotwa, Huajuaeon, Teotla, Miachua, Blagalega, Blameluguaca, Arra, Atztulca, Ocos, Urra, Bihuagan, Akumul, Muyuc,


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