Regions Apocrypha: Anaan



Name: Anaan
World: Ra'niah
Locations: Felndral, Genji, Shorecastle
Power Groups: Domhaill

The lands of Anaan have long been in dispute. Several people claim ancestral ownership over the lands of Anaan, including the Jade Crown, which claims it was part of the grant of the Dragons; the Galen who have lived in the fjords of Anaan as long as can be remembered; and the Liirish who have legend of ancestors migrating south from Anaan. To this day it is the place of frequent land disputes and battles.

The house of Distant Mountains from the Jade Crown fiercely holds a large portion of Anaan, headed by Hekari Moroda, but this is disputed yearly with the northern reaches which are held by the Galen. High Jarl Gunnar Knorsson, Lord of Sigrunn Hall, leads the Galen clans of the Anaan north. In TY 92 the expatriate Liirish Thane Fell MelGalandan and his followers moved onto the eastern tip of Anaan and declared themselves a sovereign nation of Domhaill. The Liirish of Anaan resist Jade Crown influence just as fiercely as the people of Lirr resist Guilder incursion. Unlike his brethren on Lirr, however, the Migrant Thane has decidedly expansionist tendencies, and continually moves to expand his borders.


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