Regions Apocrypha: Falo Isles



Name: Falo Isles
World: Ra'niah
Power Groups:  
The islands of the Falo form a rough ring in the southern portion of the world. Within the Falo ring lies a strange and legendary sea. Legends abound about the Falo seas, ranging from tales of a ship-stranding sargasso to stories of a marauding semi-intelligent maelstrom that delights in devouring passing ships. Mermaids, sea-monsters, ghost ships, and cannibals all feature in one story or another. Most ship-captains will not travel within the Falo ring, preferring to sail around, and trade with the more outlying tribes when appropriate.

For themselves, the Falo have even wilder tales. Some tribes speak of the seas in the region as being the oldest seas on Ra'niah, with depths populated by ancient and nameless things--things best left undisturbed. Others hold that somewhere in the region is a great undersea fountain from which all the oceans of Ra'niah flow. Several stories involve floating islands that once found can never be visited again, and upon which rest creatures and treasures both wondrous and terrible.


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