Regions Apocrypha: Grune



Name: Grune
World: Ra'niah
Power Groups:  
The cursed land of Grune is anathema among the other populated lands of Ra'niah. The forest has created a dense gnarled canopy that spreads across all but the farthest hyperborean reaches of Grune. Very few venture to this land, although there are many legends about ancient civilizations that once resided within its shores. There were times over the years when one ruler or another tried to claim the wild lands of Grune for his own. These errant settlements lasted little longer than a generation. In every story the tale always ends when a traveler arrives to find the villages vacant with no sign of what transpired.

The oldest legend says that long before the arrival of highsailing there was once a mighty empire on Grune, its great capital resting somewhere past the gelid and snow-capped mountains, deep at the heart of the now dark and marauding forest. Now all that can be seen from sea are a few ruined settlements near the cliff edges, the bleached and pocked stones hoary monuments to the many people who have tried to discover the secrets beyond.


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