Regions Apocrypha: Rytacht



Name: Rytacht
World: Ra'niah
Power Groups: Caldawader Moors, Drakensturm, Gondunura, Radcolm, Volzbur

Nations of Rytacht


  • Kingdom of Brall
  • Kingdom of Cosshin


  • Felshadar
  • Gondunura
  • Radcolm


  • Brontsur Demesne
  • Crammersholtz
  • Stromschtein
  • Trotlyar
  • Yoschan Hilltop


  • Heidal Mark
  • Kyrr Mark
  • Markland of Zemuk
  • Strelkild


  • Castle Drakensturm
  • Duchy of Caldawader Moors
  • Duchy of Tilladon
  • Grand Duchy of Mayldend
  • Lyrn Holding
  • Duchy of Strontmoss


  • Port of Bloenisk
  • Chrok Crossroads
  • Free City of Damansk
  • Muldan
  • Stennalkacht
  • The Independent Nation of Volzbur
Resources: Iron and Steel, Wood, Stone

Coinage: 1 gold Reale = 80 silver Mark = 100 copper Small.

Population: (uh, anyone got a ballpark number for 15th century Germany? Our Classicist?)

Languages: Common, Old Rytacht

Religions: Druidic Shamanism, Local Superstition, Luskani Convocation

Law: Every state within Rytacht makes its own laws entirely independent of its neighbors. Enforcing one's will onto a neighboring state in Rytacht requires an army.

Allies: Some of the coastal Rytacht states maintain a certain degree of cordiality to traders from nearby guild-states, or Tansho. However, as Rytacht itself has no central government, it is incapable of allying itself wholly in one direction or another.

Enemies: Telma. Aboleth Dominions. Beyond that, it should simply be noted that the Rytachts band together ferociously to combat outside incursions, only to fall back to fighting one another as soon as the threat has been expelled.

Once the southernmost extent of the Telman Empire, Rytacht was never entirely under Telman control. The Rytachts themselves were too violent and too proud ever to entirely submit, and when the Telman Empire began to weaken it was Rytacht that first threw off the Imperial yoke, executed their governors, and declared sovereignty.

Unfortunately, no one could agree on which local lord should rule, and the land balkanized heavily. Now Rytacht is home to twenty-six separate baronies, city-states, principalities, marklands, duchies, and kingdoms, all of which have a tenuous claim to overall leadership. None of the Rytacht states has the power to back its claim, and all squabble incessantly about who should rule whom.

Rytacht has a long history that runs through cycles of violence, followed by periods of building, followed by violence that undoes any advances built previously. As a result, Rytacht has all manner of ancient stone ruins dotting its various lands, each the work of some long-ago tribal leader or warlord or self-styled king, and each in turn sacked, burned, or at least partially destroyed by whichever rival brought that leader down. Nearly every village has a legend or two about a nearby ruin, which invariably involves a treasure held by an old king, which was never found. These sorts of stories attract all manner of adventurers to Rytacht seeking their fortunes. Unfortunately, many of those same adventurers fall prey either to the actual dangers of those ruins, or unscrupulous locals spotting easy marks, and many never return.

Baloriyl Forest

The largest block of unmapped land on the continent is Baloriyl Forest, covering the central plains south of the Agrandoran mountain range. It comprises thousands of square miles of trees, both of the evergreen and leaf-bearing varieties.


Being so large, there are communities of evil creatures, as well as good creatures. The forest is generally considered an evil, foreboding place, but that depends entirely on where you live. Various evil humanoids overrun vast parts of the forest, while dragons and their faerie friends oversee some other areas. Much of the forest is simply unknown, however, as there are no human villages within the depths of the forest. There are many communities that exist in the borders (up to 2 miles), however.

Glowerstein Precipice

The Great Wyrm Kronkenkurtz lairs high in the Agrandoran mountains. There he presides over a school for wizards. While general magical practice is taught, the program is focused on training warmages.

Entrance to the college as as a student is by invitation only. Of course, hundreds of letters are sent each year petitioning the administration for such an invitation. To date, no one has tricked or bribed their way into the school - all entrants are selected by merit alone. (How can you bribe a dragon?)

At any given time, only a couple dozen students are currently enrolled. Each year less than half of them advance to the next phase. Only 1 in 10 students make it through the seven years of study successfully.

Graduates of the college are highly prized throughout the known worlds because of the rigor of their studies, even students who have failed to graduate command a high level of respect for having been selected in the first place.

Rytacht place names (samples of place names and noble family names and whatnot in Rytacht)



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