World Apocrypha: Ra'niah



Name: Ra'niah
Summary: Endless archipelagos of Ra'niah spawn the best sailors alive, led by the Guild-States, exemplars of art, science, and culture
Regions: Aboleth Dominions, Anaan, Falo Isles, Grune, Hamminsford Isles, Rytacht, Tansho
Power Groups: Bravari, Caldawader Moors, Conant, Domhaill, Drakensturm, Gondunura, Liir, Lonborrain, Luskani, Mercanary Emirates, Radcolm, Rytacht, Sallariz Pirates, Sallariz, The Jade Crown, The Telman Regency, Veromani, Vevonne, Volzbur, Zdamos, Zemuk
Locations: Chrok Crossroads, Felndral, Genji, Mernaxi, Shorecastle, The Great Library of Panea

Ra'niah is a diverse world of scattered landmasses, both on the ground and aether isles. This world is renown for its nautical tradition, dating back even before Highsailing when it was only the varied seas of water that were to be sailed. Great ships, sailors and merchant fleets call Ra'niah their home port.

Some lands, however, still remain unsailed, unexplored, and uncivilized. Whether these lands were once home to great civilizations, now forgotten or they rebuff incursion through more eldritch means varies by the destination. Some of these are aether isles, some are entire continents seen only as glimpses in the breaks of clouds. What is known is that a good navigator knows to steer a clear path of these areas, staying in known trade routes and avoiding the lure of quicker passage through the haze shrouding unknown landmasses.

Several cultures originate from Ra'niah including:

  • The Guild States (Human and Pech)
  • The Falo (Falo)
  • The Jade Crown (Humans and Elves)
  • The Galen (Giants and Humans)
  • The Liir (Humans and Pech)

It is believed that the only intelligent folk who can call Ra'niah home are actually the Tritons and the other underwater creatures that populate the seas. The land masses were later claimed by other species long after the Triton civilizations established themselves. The northern waters are controlled by several Triton kingdoms, and the southern waters are under the strict control of the Aboleth God-king dominions.

Telma and the Jade Crown are the first ancient recorded land-based civilizations on Ra'niah. At one point in ancient history, Telma had stretched across most of the world in a great Empire. The remnants of its major provinces make up the Guild States (Vevonne, Veromani, Sallariz and Rytacht). The Guild States are collectively appreciating a renaissance of sorts. They are recognized across all the worlds as centres of enlightenment and advanced thinking. The Jade Crown is a smaller image of the Celestial Empire in exile, where certain intolerances are instead common practice, such as accepting Elven Blooded Humans as citizens of the kingdom, something which is considered impure and is unheard of in the Celestial Empire. There is a bitter cultural rivalry between the Jade Crown and the Celestial Empire.

The Liir have long resisted external incursions. They live a warm yet simple life across the green hills of Liir, fighting between clans in an almost sportsmanlike game of routine conflict. However, the clans are quick to stop fighting each other and unify when there is an external threat.

The frozen north is mostly composed of sliding ice-plates and glaciers. It is home to ice-loving creatures but no civilization, although some have claimed to see things frozen in the ice.

Builder Notes

A resident or other native feature of Ra'niah is Ra'nian. It should also be noted that while the humans readily identify the world as such, none of the other inhabitants use the world's name as an identifier. Sahuagin, for instance, have their own name for the world itself, and in their zealotry would rather die than use a human term to describe themselves. A water planet, with a cosmopolitan population base. Many races live here. None of the landbound races are native, though they have been on the planet long enough that they think they are. The real native races are the undersea races Sahuagin in the south, ruled by Aboleth god-kings and the Triton's in the north. They scrap with Locathah and Merfolk, and avoid the dreaded sea hags and kraken.

The vast majority of the human subraces also live on Ra'niah.

Flavor?: During the long Dark Age, buildings made from imported hardwoods decayed from exposure to the sea and the weather. Stone was sparse and difficult to retrieve. The surface population began experimenting with, and mastering, the use of both ceramics and clay to produce buildings of stunning size. Although they retain intrinsic properties of ceramics, such as shattering instead of yielding, Ra'nian buildings have been known to withstand being struck by a full tree trunk in hurricane force winds with nary a scratch. -dw

No Thieves' Guild. More like gangs.


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