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Posted by Ansel on Saturday September 18 2010, @08:45PM
We will be joining Crafty Games at NeonCon in Las Vegas! This is a great opportunity to try out this new Open Source Campaign!

Schedule Posted on Tuesday October 19 2010, @09:21PM
WSG09-01- The Lost Prince

By Ansel. Nearly three centuries ago the Crown Prince of Vevonne disappeared on a quest to slay a demon and he was never seen again, everybody presumed the worst. New information to his final resting place has come to light, are you up to the task to follow this new lead and possibly return his remains to the crown? Reviewed at DriveThruRPG. Experience exceptional gaming with Fantasy Craft! Can be played as a one-off with Iconic Characters (provided), or as part of an ongoing Campaign in Wyrmstone.

WSG10-04 - Madness

By Ansel. Two-Round Scenario, same players must sign-up for both rounds. You met in a bar. You were offered a job to guard some cargo. What could possibly go wrong? Surely it's going to go smooth. Choose your next words carefully, hero. It could lead to blasphemy. To Madness. Pre-Release play with the Author. A Two-Round scenario. Can be played as a one-off with Iconic Characters (provided), or as part of an ongoing Campaign in Wyrmstone.

WSS09-01 - Idols of Ogun Samdi

By Ansel. Can you retrieve the rumored golden idols of Ogun-Samdi, feared Falo dual-headed god of secrets? This is a rollicking adventure and a great way to experience the Fantasy Craft game system. Can be played as a one-off with Iconic Characters (provided), or as part of an ongoing Campaign in Wyrmstone.

Night on the Town

This slot is left open. Join us after the Crafty Panel as we crash a local restaurant, chat up Wyrmstone, Fantasycraft and more, or you convince us to run a late game!

I have spent some serious effort working on Madness, and it is my longest Fantasycraft Scenario to date (varying between 6-15 scenes depending upon the draft and structure). If you enjoyed the Lost Prince, I hope this will be as entertaining and enjoyable. It has many elements of role-play, mystery, mayhem and plenty of awesome Fantasycraft Combat!

I have inserted our schedule in with the other stuff on Warhorn (however the hours are wrong, and you are not /required/ to register there to get a seat, but registering there does help me know how many GC's we need).

All Wyrmstone/Crafty-Fantasycraft Games in one view:

Thu-4, 7pm - The Vault
Fri-5, 8am Idols of Ogun Samdi The Vault
Fri-5, 1pm Madness P1/2 The Vault
Fri-5, 7pm Madness P2/2
Sat-6, 8am Idols of Ogun Samdi The Vault
Sat-6, 1pm The Lost Prince
Sat-6, 7pm Night on the Town! -
Sat-7, 8am The Lost Prince The Vault

Everything is frankly subject to change by player interests. We are happy to shuffle around games. If the players want to try something different, I may even be able to dig into our other scenarios in the wings.

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